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Global WFH study: What people wonder


The below example shows views from over 20 countries on what people wonder about, related to WFH.  Hover your cursor over the dots in the map to learn more. (Desktop only)

A caution for companies who assume all is well: People doubt the ability of leaders to make the right choices


"Will institutions get it," "What is learned/changed," and "changed WFH assumptions" are the heart of the map. Each of these clusters reflects respondents' doubts about he capacity of leaders and companies to come to the right conclusions.  Some of this may be the result of a broader erosion in instiutional trust - while the lack of face to face contact is at a minimum making it harder for companies to ensure they are in touch with staff.

Regardless of the cause, the doubt is real, and the "I wonder" map is a clear indication that companies are going to have to go further to ensure that staff know that they are being heard.  In the context of new feelings of autonomy mentioned in the "I like" map, there is a genuine risk if companies fail to appreciate the maturity and wisdom of their staff.

Hear your people - faster, better, and easier

Unstructured, face to face contact is the lost eardrum of organizational hearing.  Numerous operational risks and poor decisions have been averted in the past, on the strength of a coffee chat here or there.  Hearing your employees - and ensuring they feel heard - is harder than ever within the new WFH reality, and few executives or staff have the time to schedule yet more Zoom or Whatsapp calls.  


Phrasia's "deep listening" technology is an ideal way to conduct dialogue at scale with your staff, without the complexity or difficulty of interpreting hundreds of individual conversations.  Contact us to learn how a 2-week 'hearing sprint' can transform the way you engage your people, while better leveraging their collective observations to make smart, informed choices.  

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