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Using AI to identify the narratives in 60,000+ publications and posts on AI

(Device with mouse required)


Timed for release at CES, Phrasia partnered with the  BriteBirch Collective and LG  to analyze how  stakeholders in the AI ecosystem shape the narratives around the technology as part of the  AIX Exchange, a new global report on Artificial Intelligence Experience (AIX) design.  


We analyzed over 60K samples of unstructured text data from published academic papers, Hacker News articles and Twitter posts. How do AI narratives differ between consumers, enthusiasts and published researchers? Check out the interactive map illustrating the interconnected narratives below. 


You can hover over any of the dots to read the underlying text. 

How do narratives on AI vary between academic publishing, enthusiasts, and the Twitterverse?

Consumer narratives reflect fear-based perspectives on AI that mirror the language often used by media and in pop-culture. 28% of #AI tweets were connected to fear of AI.

Enthusiasts champion ethics in AI and are practical about real-world applications of the technology. 80% of the narrative around ethics was led by enthusiasts.


AI Academic publishing focuses on technological development. Very few academic papers consider end-users or the ethical application of their research. Only 12% of academic publishing had a focus on ethical concerns.


What this means: 

A potential gap exists between those leading thought in the AI space and end-users - which could lead to the technology being deployed without the proper scrutiny.   Enthusiasts could play an important role in bridging this gap, ensuring more human-centric design for AI from the onset and ensuring better AI literacy for those who are most impacted. 

Chart Data copy.jpg

Viewing the narrative map by audience

The below map is identical to the first map, however the dots are coloured by stakeholder, which is the basis for the bar chart above. Explore for yourself which narratives are emphasized for each group. To pick one group, just click on the dots on the legend, then hover over the dots with your cursor (Mouse required)

AIX Exchange: The Future of AI and Human Experience is a multifaceted digital report that includes in-depth interviews with leading experts in AI, consumer advocacy, design and business. It was created through a collaboration between LG Electronics and Element AI to bring together a wide range of expert perspectives on the future of AI and its application for human spaces, such as in the home, the car, at work and in public. The report was launched at CES 2021 as part of LGE's keynote address.  

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