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Open ended quant surveys: how they work

Ask fewer, bigger, wider angle questions, with all the empirical rigour - and none of the blindspots - of multiple choice surveys.

In this example, we simply asked people to finish a sentence about their work from home experience, in their own words: "When it comes to WFH, I like ___________".   By applying narrative analytics to classify and quantify the responses, we were able to identify the true drivers of the WFH experience.  Blindspots are eliminated:  Rather than being force fit in to the multiple choice options prioritised by a survey designer,  respondents can answer however they wish, based on their own priorities and views.  Hover the the dots below, and alternate between the high level axes and the more detailed 25-cluster view.  What open-ended question would you love to ask your customers, patients, or employees?  Now you can!

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