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The antidote for conference session FOMO (Beta)

(viewable on tablet/notebook/desktop only)

With 750 amazing sessions to choose from, its easy to be overwhelmed by the choices at SXSW.  Now there is faster, easier way to navigate.  Below is a narrative 'map" of all sessions - with each dot representing a session.  The dots are broken into 51 detailed themes and 5 high level narratives. 

What to do: first, give the map up to 60 seconds to load, then...

1. Hover your cursor over the dots to explore the session summaries

2. When you see a session you like, click on the dot to reveal a link on the upper left

3. Click on that link to go to the corresponding SXSW page so you can add it to your schedule

4. If you want to make the type larger/smaller:  On Mac, Press Command and +/-.  On PC, Ctrl and +/-


You can switch between the detailed view and high level view by using the toggle on the lower right.

This information is provided based on public data for individual, non-commercial use at the discretion of Phrasia, Limited, because we love SXSW. 

The descriptions above do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Phrasia 





If you have feedback on this Beta, or would like to connect with us at SXSW, let us know!  Email us at

The above narrative map is built with the same deep learning tools that our clients use to channel the collective intelligence of their customers, patients, and staff. It is built on LLM's (large language models) and deep learning technology,  Phrasia maps are a uniquely powerful way for leaders to hear the earliest, quantified signals of future behavior and performance, in context of the wider picture.

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