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What Reddit has to say about inclusion (and bands) at SXSW

(Deep learning-based narrative maps viewable on desktop only)

How are bands treated at SXSW?  What's the story on badges and bracelets?  How does SXSW's success impact neighbourhoods, access, and the ingredients that make SXSW great?


SXSW cares deeply about inclusion, and we apply data and deep learning tools to help companies inform inclusion efforts.

So we took 1,720 posts from Reddit that mentioned SXSW, ran them through our narrative deep listening tools, and found a large number of posts touching on different aspects of inclusion, revealing patterns and trends in the inclusion-related SXSW conversation.  

Below is a deep-learning-based narrative map, which we then trend-analysed to understand what's changing.


Each dot on the below map represents a post.   Hover your cursor over the dots to read the underlying statement for each.


Give the map up to 120 seconds to load.

Toggle here for detailed view

'Band struggle' posts have more than doubled. 

Move the slider on the map above to the right to show the 25-cluster view.  On the right side of the map is narratives related to bands.  When it comes to SXSW mentions on Reddit, there is a sharp jump in the conversation about how bands make a living.  Coming out of COVID, many bands may find themselves struggling financially.  In that context, they economic fundamentals - and the economic viability of participating bands - appears to be a more prominent topic than it was in the past.

Band related inclusion narratives over time

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 3.32.11 PM.png

Narrative data to support inclusion efforts  

This case - though based on a limited dataset - is intended as an illustration of how hearing the open-ended views expressed by stakeholders can help inform any organization's inclusion efforts.  It illustrates how data can be applied to help shed light on the issues that organisations may struggle to hear.

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