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Analysis of 7,700 SXSW PanelPicker® entries over 8 years

(Deep learning-based narrative maps viewable on desktop only)

What topics are trending on SXSW - and which are not?  


We took 7,700 SXSW entries - the ones with one or more comment on Disqus - over a period of 8 years, ran them through narrative mapping, and trend-analysed the data to understand what's changing.


Each dot on the below map represents a summary from an aspiring SXSW presenter.   Hover your cursor over the dots to browse the summaries.   The axes and clusters on the map are entirely unique to this dataset, providing insight on the issues and content that are important to the SXSW community.


Give the map up to 120 seconds to load.

Toggle here for detailed view

Trending up- Sustainability, Inclusion, and Cannibis 

Move the slider on the lower right of the above map to see the detailed, 23 cluster view.  The below time series map shows each of these detailed clusters over time.  Double click on any one of the items on the legend to the right to see how that topic is trending over time.  In this case, Sustainability, Inclusion, and Cannabis are the top three trending topics in SXSW submissions over the past 8 years.

Our submission for SXSW in 2023 

Click on the link below, if you feel like it.

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