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Language is data: Now you can decode it at scale

Multiple linguistic

data sources

Deep learning trained

on billions of texts

Visual map of clusters

reveals performance signals


Tap A.I. enabled hearing: transform how you make sense out of your business

Step-change the value and proactivity of research and analysis

Improve customer, employee, and stakeholder engagement

Improve the accuracy and actionability of predictive modelling 

From social listening to traditional insight gathering and NPS studies

Identify the emerging narratives that resonate; apply new tools for dialogue at scale within the WFH world

Earlier detection of signals; deeper understanding of drivers

Spot emerging risks and opportunities - earlier

Your staff see them coming.  Tap their eyes and ears to spot them long before they have commercial impact on your business

If it's not Phrasia, it's guesswork. 

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Deep learning-based narrative analytics goes further than traditional NLP or

keyword-based approaches, to decode the subjective

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