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UK election manifestos - then and now

(Maps viewable on desktop only)


Through LLM-based narrative analytics, we’ve mapped each sentence from all of the Conservative and Labour manifestos from each of the last 7 elections since 1997. Viewing the narratives over time reveals that each party is writing more about worker’s rights, economic development, and elderly care, in addition to energy, healthcare and national security.

Feel free to browse those sentences within an easy-to-understand narrative map on our website.  With this narrative mapping as a base, we’ll be issuing a timely update when the parties release their 2024 manifestos this week.  

To view the map, just hover over the dots with your cursor.  Make sure you explore the different levels of narrative detail, by using the slider on the lower right.

Party head-to-head, by narrative theme

Which areas is Labour more inclined to write about, versus the Conservative position?  The below bar graph quantifies the "split" for each narrative - e.g. what percent of texts come from Conservative manifestos versus those from Labour. 

What's trending over time?

What narrative themes are appearing more over time - versus less?  To see the themes that are trending up, select the top boxes on the legend to the right of the bar graph.  To see the themes that are trending downward, select the boxes at the bottom.  You may need to use the bar on the right side to scroll to the bottom of the legend.

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