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Correlated: what the President says versus his daily approval ratings

(Maps viewable on desktop only)


Phrasia obtained recordings of more than 3,000 statements made by the US president in COVID-19 press briefings.  After breaking them into clusters based on our deep learning technology, we correlated each cluster with fluctuations in daily presidential approval ratings - both positive and negative:  The results revealed 7 clusters with significant correlations to daily polling results, at 99% confidence.  We reveal a portion of the learnings here.  Each dot on the below map represents a statement from the President. Hover your cursor over the dots to read the underlying statement for each.

Changes in approval correlated with each statement: selected clusters

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 5.03.09 PM.png

Each statement the president made in the "Deserve more credit" cluster correlated with the above changes in daily presidential approval ratings, as noted by the red arrows. As an example, every statement the president makes in this cluster is correlated with an average of 840,000 Independents ceasing to somewhat or strongly approve of the President.  Hover over the "deserve more credit cluster above to learn more about the type of statement correlated with these changes)

While few of the President's statements have negative impact on his base, his comments about masks are correlated with drops in approval among Republicans.  (you can hover over the "Masks" cluster above to learn more about the type of statement correlated with these changes) 

Pitch analysis by cluster

We further applied pitch analysis to identify the clusters within which the president exhibits greatest apparent agitation.  The below chart indicates that the president reaches the very top of his vocal register (above 236.9 Hz) in 55% of his statements within the "deserve more credit" cluster.  #2 in terms of pitch is the "It's going away vs. other countries" cluster.

Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 4.59.03 PM.png
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