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2024 Conference content map

(notebook/desktop only)

With so many great sessions to choose from, its easy to be overwhelmed by the choices at SXSW.  Now there is faster, easier way to navigate.  Below is a narrative 'map" of all sessions - with each dot representing a session.  The dots are broken into 34 detailed themes and 5 high level narratives. 

What to do: first, give the map up to 60 seconds to load, then...

1. Hover your cursor over the dots to explore the session summaries

2. When you see a session you like, double click to reveal a text box with a link to the page for that session on

3. Add it to your schedule on

4. If you want to make the type larger/smaller:  On Mac, Press Command and +/-.  On PC, Ctrl and +/-


You can switch between the detailed view and high level view by using the toggle on the lower right.





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