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Don't risk missing the signal

Current approaches to text analysis and NLP lack actionability
because they don't reflect how 
people actually think: in narratives  

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Sentiment Trap

Sentiment is sometimes helpful, but by itself, sentiment is blind to the drivers of behavior and preference. 


Topic model trap

Topic models capture what people say.

They don't measure key contextual

signals in how they say it.


Complexity Trap

You don't have time for  ‘paralysis by

analysis’ decks or for a new data

science initiaitve.


Keyword Trap

People don't think in keywords, yet most tools run based on keywords or word vectors - missing experiential drivers

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 4_edited.jpg

One-size-fits-all trap

Force-fitting the views people express standard categories or models? 

Expect blindspots!


Mismatch Trap

Tracking studies seldom align with

listening tools, or correlate with performance. 

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