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The unfiltered voice of Nurses: COVID shifts perception of employers

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Nurses are the one group in healthcare that see it all, and they see it every day.  Care networks and pharmaceuticals companies stand to gain valuable insight by systemically tapping the power of their collective observations.  We mapped a vibrant nurses' forum on Reddit which contains more than 750,000 posts and 35,000+ threads.  Below is a map of a selection of the thread titles alone - focused on topics related to their work environment, amidst the arrival of COVID-19.  



A spike in posts expressing frustration with hospitals emerged in March, with the onset of COVID-19.   Hover over the "institutions vs nurses" cluster in the map above to read them.  By contrast, over the same time period, their comments on peers, doctors, and patients were roughly unchanged in terms of quantity.  

COVID hasn't changed how nurses comment on patients and co-workers.

Their frustration with employers/institutions has exploded.


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