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2024 UK economic manifestos - by party

(Maps viewable on desktop only)


Through LLM-based narrative analytics, we’ve mapped each sentence related to the economy from 5 parties' manifestos. The overall map is below.  Feel free to browse those sentences within an easy-to-understand narrative map on our website. 

To view the map, just hover over the dots with your cursor.  Make sure you explore the different levels of narrative detail, by using the slider on the lower right.

Party split

Which areas is Labour more inclined to write about, versus the Conservative position?  The below map is the same as the detailed level above - the only different is that the dots are coloured by party.  Double click on any dot in the legend at the right in order to see who is emphasising what

Selected narratives - Comparing the split

Hover over the bar charts to see the specific number

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