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Covid-19 WFH study

Work from home amidst Covid-19 is no mere experiment. It's a reality that each of us is dealing with every day.  Unfortunately, there is no rulebook.


How will the sudden absence of face to face contact affect trust within teams?  How will motivation, productivity, and customer focus be impacted? Execution risks abound in this new landscape, and it is therefore more important than ever to stay in tune with your people.  At speed.


What you don’t need is another Covid-19 survey that asks a fatigue-inducing list of closed-ended questions, makes obvious conclusions, or lacks actionability.  We are leveraging a breakthrough technology that uses neural networks to “read” the open-ended responses of your employees, then categorizes them to identify broader insights, such as:

  • What unique challenges do women face in the WFH world?

  • What are the best coping mechanisms for parents?

  • How can teams maintain trust without face to face contact?

  • How do the responses in your company vary versus the global sample and/or within countries?


Because it is open-ended, we can ask a very short list of questions requiring no more than 5 minutes to complete. Unlike other open-ended surveys, the technology makes it possible to see clear patterns and robust, quantified conclusions - at scale.  Once the surveys responses are received, we estimate you will have a custom report within 10 working days.


We can compare your company's results to our international sample of individual and anonymised corporate responses, to show you what's on people's minds and how your company compares.


If you would like to participate anonymously in the survey as an individual, please click on the link below.






If you are a company interested in participating in the study, please contact





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